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A unique Digital-Private (Un)Bank for your customers.

Enabling personalized Private Wealth experiences by leveraging the latest in Technology.

Empowering you to create and manage a well-diversified multi-asset portfolio for your customers. Choose from an array of thematic baskets, global bond portfolios, Investment Guru trackers, Alternative Investments, or customized solutions based on Client's risk profile, investment objectives market views.

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Build And Recommend Your Own Global Portfolio

You can build your own multi-asset multi-geography portfolio with the help of our investment team, AI-based algorithm & advisory tools. You get to choose from 200+ curated global ETFs, stocks and bonds.


Integrate Multiple Investment and Broking Accounts

Integrate existing Broking Accounts and / or open the most suitable account types. Create a dedicated account to hold “custom” assets by Building Your Own Kristal (BYOK).

“God's Eye” view of Client's Portfolio

Kristal.AI offers you its Enterprise Solution to manage the client journey from onboarding to funding to portfolio creation and management. Access our proprietary algorithm and portfolio metrics for enhanced engagement with your clients.


How to Partner with Kristal.AI

Evangelist/Referral Programme

  • Partner will be eligible for an ‘Introducer Fee’.
  • Client will be managed solely by Kristal.AI.

Advisor Partner

  • Partner will be eligible for a ‘Revenue Share’.
  • Client will be co-advised by Kristal.AI & Partner.
  • Partner will be enabled on the Enterprise Solution to initiate, view and manage the client’s portfolio.

Distributor Partner

  • Partner will be eligible for a ‘Trail Fee’.
  • Client portfolio will be managed solely by Kristal.AI.
  • Partner will be enabled on the Enterprise Solution to initiate and view the client’s investment journey.

Sponsor Programme

  • A partner can sponsor their own Kristal(s).
  • The ‘Sponsor’ fees can be embedded in the Kristal itself.
  • Sponsored Kristals can be made available to referred clients only.

Our Investment Committee

Kristal.AI Investment Committee is a team of professional financial experts who combine extensive expertise in investment markets, economics, risk analysis, and asset management to deliver guidance and insight for the benefit of Private Wealth clients. With an average of nearly 30 years of working experience in big institutional banks, they collectively bring a wealth of insight to help investors stay abreast of current conditions and future opportunities.

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Asheesh Chanda
CEO & Founder


Vineeth Narasimhan
Vineeth Narasimhan
CTO & Founder


Thomas Meichl
Head of Advisory


Himanshu Gupta
Himanshu Gupta
Founding Member, COO & Business Head - India


Himanshu Nazkani
Himanshu Nazkani
Head of India Advisory


Vivek Jayaswal
Vivek Jayaswal
Chief Data Scientist


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Accredited Investor Declaration

This is offered only to Accredited and Institutional Investors as defined under the Securities and Futures Act, Chapter 289 of Singapore (“Act”), which broadly comprises of regulated financial Institutions, large corporates, high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors.

An Accredited Investor is an individual
  • Whose net personal assets exceed in value SGD 2 million (or it’s equivalent in a foreign currency) with value of his/her primary residence capped at SGD 1 million, or
  • Whose financial assets (net of any related liabilities) exceed in value SGD 1 million (or it’s equivalent in a foreign currency), or
  • Whose income in the preceding 12 months is not less than SGD 300,000 (or it’s equivalent in a foreign currency)

I agree to opt-in as Accredited Investor and will submit required documentation to confirm the same.

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